Crazy Apple Rumors Site
-Weird! We love It!
-All Apple computers are described here; a valuable resource.

The Apple Online Museum
-Great Online Information Source!
-The Steve Wozniak Website!

MacAddict Magazine
-Still the best!

-Mac News, Headlines and Links!

2 Guys, a Mac and a Website!
-This site is really what the love of Apple Computers is all about! Just plain fun!

-A serious yet irreverent look at all things Apple!
-Vintage and obsolete hardware, software, manuals and related memorabilia. THE place to buy classic items!

Binary Dinosaurs
-Tracing the history of home computing from 1972. Lots of great info about Apple computers as well as many others. The site is designed with elements of the Lisa OS!

-Where great old Macs live again!

Jag's House
-All (and we mean ALL) about older Macs!

MacSurfer's Headline News
-Your one-stop shop for EVERYTHING going on in the Mac world!

-The ultimate Apple links site! If it isn't here, it isn't anywhere!

The Mac 512k Users Group
-Every vintage Apple fan needs to check out this site.

Resources For The Older Macintosh
-Lots of good stuff here.

Raoul's Lisa/MacXL Tech Info and Software
-A great resource for Lisa Lovers.

Joshua's Computer Website
-Apple tribute site by Joshua, a 14 year old software writer! Check out his software site too!
-Learning Mac with a "Switcher".
-Publishing since 1995, is a website dedicated to the creative writer in all of us.

DigiBarn Computer Museum
-HUGE computer history resource. Fantastic Museum. Fantastic site!
-Dedicated to the Macintosh Platform. News, gallery, reviews, forums and downloads.

-A very nice website dedicated to preserving and showcasing Graphical User Interfaces.

Retro Roundup
-Your one-stop source for classic computing and retro video game news!
-Vintage Computer Auctions, Information and home of the amazing Web SE!

The Vintage Mac Museum
-Unusual site from Japan! (And you know how much we like the unusual) Check it out!
-Offering unparalleled support in New York City for the Macintosh platform. Clients range from home businesses to international corporations.
-Owen W. Linzmayer’s best-selling Apple Confidential 2.0 covers everything of note in Apple’s fascinating history!

Insanely Great Mac
-Insanely Great Mac is a Macintosh news and information site. The publication was founded in 1995 and became Insanely Great Mac in 1997.

Dan's 20th Century Abandonware
-The site that gives "abandonware" a good name, for a change!

Remember eWorld
-On this site devoted to Apple's mid-90's online service eWorld, you can take a cool walkthrough that is almost like using the real thing!

Fix Your Thinking
-Fix Your Thinking: A Site That's Not PC About Mac News. Editorial News Commentary About The Mac & Tech World.

Computer History: Storage, Software and Memory
-A very useful and interesting site, suggested by our visitor Liam! A great timeline with some good resources,

History of the WWW
-A very interesting and informative site suggested by the great kids at the Computer Club at After School Care Programs in El Paso County, Colorado!

The History and Significance of Software
-A very interesting site, suggested by John and Robert at a local youth center's computer program. Enjoy!


Droids, the Force, and the Internet of Things
-The bright, enthusiastic kids as a local youth center's computer program near Albany, NY have contributed this great link to a fascinating site! Enjoy!
A Chronology of Computer History
-A great site, suggested by our visitor Sarah! A thank you to her for helping to educate others on the history of computers!
Computer History: A Timeline of Storage and Memory
-Another great site, suggested by our visitor Sarah! She is helping us keep the history of computers alive!

Apple Confidential


Apple Logo Merchandise


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