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Apple's Multimedia Macs

May 30, 2006
A brief article by Tom Thompson from the Byte Magazine archives which originally appeared in the August 1995 issue. It Begins:

"At Boston MacWorld Expo this August, Apple is expected to introduce a new line of Power Macs ranging from a high-end system for multimedia authors to inexpensive models."

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Apple's Multimedia Macs

SwyftCard for the Apple II

May 24, 2006
To compliment today's addition of a 1985 SwyftCard Ad featuring Jef Raskin and Steve Wozniak to The Mothership Advertising and Brochure Gallery, we bring you these links to more information about this innovative product. The first is a photo gallery, the second, an article on the Canon Cat, which includes a section describing the Swyftcard.

SwyftCard for the Apple II at the DigiBarn Computer Museum

Canon's Cat Computer: The Real Macintosh by David T. Craig

The Apple IIe

May 17, 2006
An Apple IIe information page found at the University of Denver site.

• Introduction
• Setting Up and Getting Started
• Using the Monitor
• Machine Language Programming
• Programming Exercises
• Hardware Considerations
• The USR Function
• References

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The Apple IIe

Apple Redefines the Notebook

May 12, 2006
A review by Tom Thompson from the Byte magazine archives, originally published in August 1994. It begins:
"When Apple introduced its Macintosh notebook computers, the PowerBooks, in 1991, it set new standards for what such portable systems should do. The design was termed "all-in-one'' because these Macs were literally self-contained desktop systems. For example, they had a high-density floppy drive that could read and write PC disks, built-in networking hardware and software, and a slot for an optional internal modem. However, for the past few years, most of the improvements to the design have been incremental, such as faster 68030 processors, an external video port, and color displays. The all-in-one design was becoming long in the tooth."

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Apple Redefines the Notebook

PowerBook 3400 Pictureframe

May 04, 2006
This page at describes creating a digital picture frame the vintage Apple way! Also check out the link to the Duo Digital Frame.

"After seeing projects like the Duo Digital Frame and others online, I thought I'd try my hand at it. Instead of hunting down a Duo or Powerbook 100 for a 4x6'' frame, I decided to go for an 8x10'' size (or 800x600 resolution) to display my travel photos. I have, or had, a PowerBook 3400c that had been surplussed from work due to a dead CD ROM drive, the replacement cost of which is about the same as buying another used 3400."

PowerBook 3400 Pictureframe
Duo Digital Frame