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Sweet16 for Mac OS X Updated to 1.7.1

August 21, 2006
Sweet16, the Apple IIgs emulator for OS X, has been updated. From the Sheppyware page:
"This is a pretty significant update, belying its minor version number bump. It includes some new features, including the ability to mount lots of 800K floppy images as "CleverPort" devices by holding down the Option key while mounting them. This lets you install System 6 without ever having to do a disk swap, for instance.
There are also nearly 20 bugs of varying significance fixed, including bugs preventing preferences from being saved, a jerky cursor when Default Folder X is installed, and problems with configuring the size of the emulated IIgs's memory."

Visit the Sweet16 page:
Sweet16 for Mac OS X

Sweet16 IIgs Emulator Updated

August 03, 2006
Sweet16, the Apple IIgs emulator from SheppyWare for Mac OS X, has been updated to version 1.6.1.

What's new in this version:
The Disks window no longer disappears when Sweet16 isn't in the foreground, which makes it an easier target for drag & drop of disk images.
DiskCopy 4.2 disk images are now recognized for mounting even if they don't have an extension.
Fixed a problem that caused an empty error dialog box if you tried to mount a disk image that's already mounted by Sweet16.
Dragging disk images into the disks window now displays the fancy arrow with a green plus cursor.
Enabled some optimizations when compiling that I hadn't been using before. These may or may not have any noticeable impact on performance, but it probably doesn't hurt.
By default, the speed used when you turn on speed control is now 2.6 MHz instead of the strange 0.5 MHz it was set to before.

Sweet16, the Apple IIgs emulator for Mac OS X