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October 27, 2011
Apple Mac Logo Shoes Sneakers - Vintage

From the description:
"Vintage Apple Computer Logo Sneakers

I can hardly find any information on these online, but from what I can put together,
these Apple logo sneakers were given out only to employees of Apple Computers sometime in the 90s.

The tag says size 9 and they don't look like they were ever worn.
The glue around the uppers and the sole has yellowed a bit with age,
but the soles show basically no wear. Very clean."

What's on eBay - Apple Mac Logo Shoes Sneakers - Vintage
(Thanks to reader Sara for letting us know about this!)

What's on eBay?

July 16, 2010
EXTREMELY RARE - Apple Lisa 1 One Computer Face Plate!
From the description:
"Own a piece of computing history!
Get your vintage Apple computer looking good again!
This auction is for an Apple Lisa 1 face plate in good condition. It is the exact item pictured.
It does not come with the service part box. The part number on the back of the face plate is 620-5111-B.
We are sure that if you are interested, you already know why this item is so rare. Don't miss your chance to get one for a great price!"

What's on eBay - EXTREMELY RARE - Apple Lisa 1 One Computer Face Plate!

What's on eBay?

May 26, 2010
From the description:
"This system is an excellent example of Apple Computer's Second Rarest Computer, next to the original Apple-1 (1976).
Only 20 to 30 Lisa 1 computers are known to exist in the world today. The Lisa was a landmark in computing history,
being the first personal computer available with a mouse & GUI (Graphical User Interface). The release of this machine
and the Lisa Office System to the public pre-dates Microsoft Windows 1.0 by almost 3 years!

The Apple Lisa was the programming platform for the Macintosh, as they both use a Motorola 68000 CPU.
The Lisa has 1mb RAM and a 5MB Hard Drive vs. 128k of RAM in the Macintosh.
Mac OS 1.0 and most of the early Mac 128k programs were actually written with a Lisa.
Apple offered Basic Plus, Pascal, and Cobol as programming environments for the lisa.

This is a buy-it-now listing, meaning there are no bidders or bidding process.
Don't miss your chance to own a Lisa 1!

This Lisa turns on and passes all hardware tests. She boots up to Office System 1.0 (installed on the 5 MB ProFile Hard Drive).
A Lisa screen CRT/screen is bright and crisp with no burn-in. The 2 Twiggy drives are in 100% fully working condition!!!
Both Twiggy drives have been fully tested for both read & write capabilities. OS 1.0 installed from original Twiggy disks (not included).

*It did not ship until July 1983, and was discontinued in January 1984 (6 months)
*Its original cost in 1983 was $10,000 US (approx. $21,000 US in 2008 dollars) making it a hard sell to businesses
*Apple offered all Lisa 1 owners a FREE upgrade to a Lisa 2 in 1984. Almost everybody went for this upgrade
*Apple took back all Lisa 1 specific parts back from authorized service centers and had them destroyed/disposed of

*Fully restored Apple Lisa 1 Computer with 2 x working TWIGGY Floppy Disk Drives
*Apple Lisa Keyboard with original pull-out cards (NEW/ OLD STOCK - unused, tested & working)
*Apple Lisa Mouse - cleaned and tested
*5 MB Apple Profile Hard Drive freshly erased with Lisa OS 1.0 installed
*Lisa Anti-Glare silk screen for CRT
*Programs installed: LisaWrite, LisaDraw, LisaGraph, LisaList, LisaCalc, and LisaProject
*Office System 1.0 installed on external X/ProFile Drive
*All necessary power & data cables

*No Apple Mouse Pad (shown in pictures)
*No Twiggy Floppy Disks
*No Manuals

All plastic panels, internal parts, and ProFile Hard Drive are all original to this computer. The mouse and keyboard have been replaced with better examples.
This Lisa 1 was never upgraded to a Lisa 2! It has been carefully cared for all of its life. Plastics have slight even yellowing due to
age and exposure to light. Absolutely no chips, cracks, dents, CRT screen burn-in, or any other damage can be found.
2 light scratches and uneven yellowing (due to ProFile drive sitting on top. Mouse is more yellowed than other items, some wear (smooth spot) on mouse button.
This machine is virtually flawless!! A true museum piece."


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May 11, 2010
Apple Bandai Pippin
From the description:
"Apple Bandai Pippin.
Console in good condition and 100% functional, the box is in bad state.

The Sale includes:
Pippin AtMark System
Pippin AtMark Controller
AtMark Modem 14400bps
Phone cords
Power cords(
(1)Audio/Video Cables
(1)Set of CD-ROMs
(1)Set of Instruction Booklets/Paper Manuals
CD-ROMs are
-Disk 6 vol.1 [1of6] Pippin Navigator CD
-Disk 6 vol.1 [2of6] Pippin Network CD
-Disk 6 vol.1 [3of6] TV Works
-Disk 6 vol.1 [4of6] INTERNET KIT
-Disk 6 vol.1 [5of6] Franky Online
-Disk 6 vol.1 [6of6] ATMARK TOWN"

What's on eBay - Apple Bandai Pippin

What's on eBay?

April 19, 2010
From the description:
"Description: Up for auction is a vintage Bell & Howell brand Apple Disk ][ floppy drive with box.
Condition: Everything looks good, but this is untested; sold as is."


What's on eBay?

March 16, 2010
Apple 1 - The ORIGINAL Apple Computer
From the description:
"Apple 1 - ORIGINAL, with Keyboard, RF Modulator, Cassette Interface Card and Tapes

The offering includes:
Apple 1 motherboard, 4K RAM installed (other 4K RAM sockets empty), all ORIGINAL Apple 1 components
Keyboard with modified cable for the Apple 1
RF Modulator
Apple 1 Cassette Interface card, all original components
Six Apple 1 program tapes (Monitor/Disassembler, Integer Basic, AppleTrek, Hamurabi, Maze Creator, and Blackjack)
Statement of Authenticity, signed by Steve Wozniak (Apple Employee #1)

Apple 1 Condition Notes:
On the front of the Apple 1 are a few (appropriate!) configuration wires.
There are two spots on the back where the solder mask has been removed, traces were cut and then repaired expertly (see close-ups).
The LM323 voltage regulator was replaced, using a part taken from another Apple 1.
Date codes for all chips may be found here. (date code is usually YYWW - 2 digits for Year plus 2 digits for Week).
Otherwise, it is very clean. Wendell Sander, who has inspected a number of existing Apple 1s, proclaimed it the most pristine he'd seen.

NOTE: This offering is of Historical Artifacts, not as functioning electronic components. None of the electronic items in this offering have been powered up in over 20 years. Although fully functional then, all electronics in this offering should be considered UNTESTED. Likewise, the program tapes may or may not be functional.

Back Story:

The founders of Apple knew that one of the keys to long term success was Customer Support. In the beginning that meant Steve Wozniak took customer phone calls to help in any way he could with the Apple 1. With the launch of the Apple II, everyone in engineering (and some of the production line technicians) took calls... but most Apple 1 questions still had to be taken by Woz. It was decided that to best support the Apple 1 owners the easiest thing to do was convert them to Apple II owners. Apple offered a trade-in deal to Apple 1 owners: trade in the Apple 1 for an Apple II (by late 1978 the offer also included a Disk Drive!). Most were traded in. This freed Woz from phone duties, rewarded early Apple adopters with a more capable computer, and allowed Apple to fulfill its commitment to great Customer Service.

Cliff dropped into Steve Jobs' office one day and couldn't help but notice the huge pile of Apple 1 boards - those that had been traded-in for the Apple II. "What are you going to do with those?", Cliff asked. Steve told him that they were to be destroyed. "Mind if I take one... Oh! And one for my brother?", Cliff asked. Steve reached into the pile and pulled out two boards and handed them to Cliff. Many people around Apple were amused and asked, "Why would you want one of those?" "It's history," was the reply, "just history."

Though hundreds of Apple 1 computers were sold, the trade-in deal reduced the population to the few that exist today. This is one that that got a last minute reprieve from the band-saw death pile!"

What's on eBay - Apple 1 - The ORIGINAL Apple Computer

What's on eBay?

March 03, 2010
Apple Cube Computer Tissue Box
From the description:
"A gift from one Apple Employee to another, unit is a collectors item and is one of three ever made.
Case has tiny little marks from being as old as it is, but is certainly an eye catcher. Comes with Apple Cube computer shell only (no parts!!!) Unit is non working (unless you need to blow your nose!)
I will throw in a sealed tissue box. A typical Apple computer experience, usable soon as you pull it out of the box!

Please ask any questions prior to bidding. No returns on the Shell (or your tissues...eiw.)
Happy bidding!!".

What's on eBay - Apple Cube Computer Tissue Box

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February 19, 2010
From the description:
"This auction is for a VINTAGE APPLE IIc COMPUTER with the Original Box!
If you don't see power adapters, cables, manuals, etc. they are not included, unless otherwise specified.
This auction is for the item pictured ONLY, there is nothing else included, there is no monitor or printer.
Please ASK questions BEFORE bidding - Thanks!".

What's on eBay - VINTAGE APPLE IIc COMPUTER with Org Box

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February 11, 2010
Vintage 1984 Apple Macintosh Numeric Keypad w/Box
From the description:
"Up for auction is this vintage Apple Macintosh Numeric Keypad with box and packing, in excellent condition and works just fine".

What's on eBay - Vintage 1984 Apple Macintosh Numeric Keypad w/Box

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January 29, 2010
Macintosh 128k M0001 Original Shipping Carton RARE!!
From the description:
"For auction is an extremely rare Macintosh 128k M0001 shipping carton with original Styrofoam inserts, keyboard carton, mouse carton. The box is in fair shape showing usual wear and tear for a 25 year old box including tearing of the handles, wear and tear on the exterior from being transported, and relatively minor wear to the Styrofoam shipping inserts. Complete your Mac 128k system with this original box!".

What's on eBay - Macintosh 128k M0001 Original Shipping Carton RARE!!

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