1976 Apple 1 Ad
1976 Apple 1 Article
1976 Apple 1 Full Page Ad
1976 Apple 1 Ad
1976 Apple 1 Article
Apple 1 Ad
1976 2-Page Apple 1 Flyer
Apple 1 Operation Manual Cover
Apple 1 Ad 1
Apple 1 Ad 2
Apple 1 Manual
1977 Apple II Introduction Ad
"A Is For Apple" Ads
Page 1
Page 2
Apple II Introduction Ad 1
Apple II Introduction Ad 2
A for Apple
1977 Apple II "Simplicity" Brochure
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Simplicity - 1
Simplicity - 2
Simplicity - 3
Simplicity - 3
1978 Apple II "Best Selling" Ad
Page 1
Page 2
AII Best1
AII Best2
1979 Apple II "Every Educator" Ad
Apple II "How to Buy" Ads
1979 Apple II "Adam" Ad
79II ad
II ad
1979 Apple Pascal "Iron-On" Ad
1979 Apple II "31,000 Student Hours" Ad
Student Hours

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The Apple 1 and Apple II were popular machines in their day, but they certainly came with a hefty cost. With inflation, today a classic Apple II would cost around $5,000 which is enough for a down payment on Hatteras yachts for sale. Luckily, most Macs today don't cost that much and perform much better than an Apple II so you wont have to worry about comparing your computer to investing in Hatteras yachts for sale.


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